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Pockity+ is a one time In-App Purchase which unlocks additional features in Pockity, including (but not limited to):

  • Creating additional ledgers
  • Sharing ledgers1
  • Creating additional categories
  • Creating more than two accounts
  • And much more

Pockity+ is offerred in two variants:

  • Standard
  • Family

The Standard type is only applicable for your Apple ID and is not shared with family members configured on your Apple ID.

The Family type is shared with all members in your family configured on your Apple ID.

Pockity+ is a separate purchase for the iOS and macOS apps. This brings four IAPs for Pockity+, two for each platform type, furthermore, two for the each type: Standard and Family.

Pockity+ purchased for one platform is not transferrable to another platform.

  1. Pockity+ is not required for accepting invitations to shared ledgers1

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