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Ledger Currencies

Ledger currencies are tied to all transactions made in that particular ledger.

You can setup the Ledger’s currency when:

  • Creating a new ledger
  • Editing an existing ledger

When editing an existing ledger, the new currency will only be applied to all future transactions in it.

When creating a new entry in a ledger with a custom currency, the entry’s amount will default to that currency. You can always change this to a different currency, supported by the app, and the app will automatically convert the amount to the ledger’s currency.


  • Ledger currency: USD
  • Entry amount: EUR 25,00
  • Localized Value: USD 26.83

In the timeline, the entry will always display with localized value (USD 26.83) for convenience. However, when editing the entry, it will always display the source value (EUR 25,00).

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