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Natural Language Input

Natural Language Input for creating entries enables you to create expense entries very quickly, by typing into a single field.

You may even begin this interaction right from your lock screen as seen in this video:


As you type, the natural language model processes the input and categorizes the text into relevant fields for the expense entry.

Some key things to note:

  • For configuring a custom currency: type the currency before the amount, example: EUR 35.50, or JPY 4000.00, or USD 24.99, and so on…
  • For configuring a preferred account: type + followed by the account’s last four digits code, example: +9700 will find the first matching account with those last four digits and configure it on the expense.
  • For configuring a preferred category: type / followed by the category’s name, example: +food will match with the food category.

In both instances of the account and category keyword, you need not type the whole account or category name for a match. You can simply type the first few letters and the app will configure the first closest match.


The Natural Language model used by Pockity supports limited locales and languages at the moment. As such, the NLP field is only enabled on supported systems.

If the field does not appear for your region or language, please check this issue tracker for updates on support for your language. If your language is not present in the list, feel free to leave a comment so I know you’re interested in feature support.


Pockity’s Natural Language processing is based on Apple’s CoreML technology, which enables processing and classifying text on device, without the information ever leaving your device.

All information you enter into the NLP field is processed on device, and translated to fields in the expense entry editor. None of this information leaves your device for off-site processing, in strict accordance with Pockity’s Privacy Policy.

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